MUTSORA, EASTERN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, 8 AUGUST 2013: Images of a new soap factory that uses palm oil made possible by newly installed electricity lines in the Congolese town of Mutsora, DRC, 8 August 2013. This electricity is made possible by the ICCN Congolese Conservation authority hydro-electric scheme in Virunga National Park. This plant employs water drawn from natural flow and it will provide much needed electricity for industry in Mutsora, a town of over 30 000 people. There are a number of businesses desperate for the power this scheme provides, this region has a large amount of unemployment and this new electricity source is a boon for the whole region for development. One of the factories to come online as a result will be the largest soap factory in the entire Eastern Congo. There are other hydro-electric schemes underway in Virunga National Park, all of which are contributing to sustainable development in the region. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images.)

derechos humanos, salud, aceite, palma, bosques, biodiversidad

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